Adding Chlorine to the Pool

These buckets of chlorine are located in the swimming pool maintenance where the pool filter is located. IMPORTANT: do not inhale while opening the the chlorine container. It will irritate your lungs and eyes. If you don’t have a mask and goggles, then try to avoid placing your face directly above the bucket and instead move to a side so that fumes do effect you.

Using a “Numar” container size, scoop until 3/4 full.

Try to throw the chlorine towards the center of the pool. Do not throw the chlorine high in the air since the smell can travel into the rooms effecting guests.

The amount and frequency of adding chlorine to the pool will depend on how often the pool is being used by guests or the amount of guests using the pool at the same time. As a rule of thumb, try to add chlorine at least one “Numar” cup once every 3 days. If the pool is bing used frequently by many guests, then place one Numar every 2 days.