Guest Bike Rental

Starting from the login page: click on the “Calendar” link

Once in the calendar page, locate the guest reservation and click on their name.

After you click on their name, you’ll get a pop up window with links. Select the “Sales Transaction (bike rentals, restaurant, laundry, etc.)”

Select the “Bike Rental Payment” option

Select the date they’re are renting the bikes and the date they will return them.

Click on the “Show Availability Bikes” to get a list of the available bike inventory.

You will get an option to have the hotel guest place the rental on their room or have them pay it now.

For this example, we’ll chose “Add to Room Bill” and then add the renter’s name. Some times the renter’s name will be different than the name on the reservation. Click on “Process Bike Rentals”

You’ll come to a receipt page. For room bills you don’t need to print out anything.