Manager’s Key Focus

As a general manager there are many areas that will require your attention. Any where from asking yourself “is that plant needing more water ..?” to developing new ideas to increase market exposure. Between this entire spectrum holds the most vital role of an operations executive and that is to maintain the product or service readily available for the sale. If you’re in the business of selling rooms such as a hotel, then one of the most important role for a manager is to keep those rooms available for rent. It is the final product. It is the service that makes or breaks the establishment you manage. Without sellable rooms there is no business, no operations, no establishment. It is in essence the core reason a team and a manager exist. Everyone and everything a team does in their daily jobs boils down to making sure a sale can be made and the way that team executes makes a difference if that guest will be a repeat sale in the future. With that being said, it is imperative that managers make sure that all rooms become sellable. If the supervisor Lucy, for example, states that a light switch is not working then she is indirectly stating that this room is not sellable. A manager’s objectives at that moment should focus on getting that room sellable as soon as possible. It should be a priority to resolved the issues that block “sellability.”

Steps to take in order to get a room back to being sellable. First, confirm that, in this example, the light switch really is not working. Some times there can be a misunderstanding or the fix can be easily resolved. You will want to make sure to confirm what has been reported by Lucy and actually check it your self by analyzing the issue so that you may make an assessment on what step to take next. As a general manager, you are responsible for the operations of the establishment. In our example with the light switch, a non-working light switch is blocking your operations to continue as needed. It would need to be resolved to continue operations as normal. Now let’s suppose Lucy was correct in that the light switch is damaged and it wasn’t just a simple change on the light bulb. And let also suppose that the hotel is in a small beach town where handymen are difficult to come by- at least competent ones. What do you do? That’s where good old trusty Youtube and how-to-blogs come to play. You can learn just about anything on the Internet. It is filled with how-to videos and documentation. The sky is the limit on what you can learn in our day and age.

General managers, among many other things, are problem solvers. And one of the best tools we have in our disposal is information delivered to us via the Internet.